LABOR DAY, MONDAY, September 3, 2018 9:30 A.M.
218 W. Main, Walton, KS
NOTE: The Johnsons have collected for years. It is now time for downsizing and all needs to go to a new owner. This will be a walk through the past. Lots of known and unknown. We may have to break into 2 rings at some point, so bring a friend. Come enjoy the Holiday w/ us. See ya Sale day.
1971 Chevy C 60 Dump truck w/ steel bed;
1950 GMC wrecker w/ 2 sets of poles- later model V-8 engine;
24' X 8' gooseneck triple axel trailer w/ ramps;
28' Chevy Van 30 Mobile Traveler;
6' 3 pt. blade; 3 pt. 6' disc; 3 pt. springtooth; 3 pt. dirt scoop; 3 pt. forks;
12' sheet metal brake; upright air compressor; Radial arm saws; post vice; large bench vices; Atlas drill press; cutoff saw; tubing bender; Craftsman 3 stack roll away tool chest; Numerous other rollaway tool chests; Old typewriters; Platform scales & numerous other scales; pedal grinder; rototiller; 10' X 15' bldg. to be moved; roll around paint ladders; manual tire machine; scythes; braces; shoe lasts; pipe wrenches; monkey wrenches; pipe cutters; pipe dies; planes; jacks of all types; Craftsman belt sander; Plane blade sharpener; many file cabinets; pneumatic tools; sockets; many hand tools; Large press; wilton drill press; bench top band saw; elec. Hand tools; levels; clamps; bench top drill press; adj. jaw wrenches; open & boxed wrenches; parts washer; manual press; tin shears; dual wheel grinder; elec. Pole saw; measuring wheels; rotating bolt bin; grease guns; wood clamps; pipe clamps; hand saws; 20 ton Press w/ gauge; nail pullers; bar clamps; shop organizers; numerous floor jacks; Implement seats; propane tanks; baler twine; rototiller; yard sprayers; large sledge; app. 38 2X8X8' long; coal buckets; corrugated metal sheeting; misc. lumber; bolt cutters; wicker baskets; holiday décor; fishing poles; semi load locks; shop hardware; winches; chimney sweeps; glass insulators; and many more items.


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